13 January, 2006

FUCK 2005...New Year's Eve 2006 00h00


At 13/1/06 11:55, Blogger Tom said...

Fredocarlo, I'm sorry, I can't understand the meaning of your photos.
I hope this criticism could be constructive.

At 13/1/06 13:59, Blogger Wobazz said...

nice shots... for a nice 2006!

At 14/1/06 04:38, Blogger Fredocarlo said...

....there's a before and an after according to u, so take these pics as the end and the beginning of this new year. Don't try to find too many symbols, it's just a short story of me and my friends on december 31st!

by the way, i do really like your "Before and after"! Thanks for trying to help, hasta luego


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