07 June, 2005

First month...or something more

Dear friend,
thank you again for visiting this blog.
In this month we posted only 5 photo, I know it's not soo much.
But I want to say that is very difficult for us reach an high rithm of posting without your help.
I know that a discrete number of users entered in this blog; I'm writing to ask yours active partecipations, please.
We need you for this blog; talk to your friends about this photoblog, make a comment (good or not), send us yours photos and if you don't have an Holga...why don't you buy one?
I repeat it's very funny, it's easy, it's not expensive.
I hope, dear friend, you can start share with us this passion.
We are waiting for you.
Keep visiting this blog, help us to make it bigger and better.
Thank you.


At 21/6/05 02:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tengo una holga y espero que voy a tener alguien para explicarme como funciona..


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