04 December, 2005


Are you happy?



At 4/12/05 23:10, Anonymous sgarbi said...

cos'è sta merda?

At 5/12/05 11:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in che senso... in generale? o per via dell'inglese?

cmq, no.

strana scelta però quella di mettere questa foto... forse potresti giustificarcela?


At 5/12/05 16:02, Anonymous un ignorante said...

i temi mi sembrano molto simili alla foto precedente, ma lo svolgimento migliorabile... concordo con miqui, perchè questa foto?

At 7/12/05 18:22, Blogger Tom said...

This photo is one of the results of my shots. I put it because of this reason. This is an holga pic's blog, isn't it?
I can say something stupid to justify the photo in a more interesting way...

"I never saw a roman theathre into another building, it's something strange, looks like a parasitic but it's completely the opposite.Have you ever see a tree looking for an orchid?"

Are you happier now?

At 9/12/05 12:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think my opinion is in any way required, so I won't give it...
Anyway, where's the place you took this shot?

l'anonimo usuale

ps: same old shit, no matter which photo you post, I'm not happier

At 9/12/05 13:08, Blogger Tom said...

tkank you for answer my question.
now i have to answer to you: I took this photo in Barcelona.

any kind of opinion is welcome here, even your, obviously.

At 13/12/05 11:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>Have you ever see a tree looking for an orchid?"

no, but often I can't see the forest cause the trees.

my happines is the same, very relative.

e in c***o sto inglese, che è lingua da decerebrati!

ci vediamo presto


At 30/12/05 03:59, Anonymous LBC said...

esco dal museo...


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