31 December, 2005


Well,... 2005 is over!
For us, children of the 80s, the time probably finished in 2000; it was the real limit.I'm not talking about Nostradamus or something like this, but about a sense of eternity, unreal or not, that we can only feel, where the progression of the numbers after that limit has no sense...2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,...,2973....
Happy new year, another strange number in the sensenessless of the infinity: 2006.



At 31/12/05 18:32, Anonymous LBC said...

è vero, i primi dieci anni di un secolo sono proprio inqualificabili. spero però che le cose cambino dal 10 in sù.

vado in letargo... ci risentiamo fra 4 anni... 'notte!

At 2/1/06 12:59, Anonymous splunge said...

sad but true?
not so sad anyway, maybe...

happy new-sensless-year!



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