17 January, 2006


Waiting for a new idea, I keep on with posting errors.
This is from my first holga film.I was experimenting with my new holga and I tried a double exposition but I didn't notice the B shooter was on...



At 17/1/06 20:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are sorry, we all can't understand the meaning of your photos.
I hope this criticism could be constructive.

At 17/1/06 22:22, Blogger Tom said...

I explained the photo...what a hell do you want more??? eheheh obviusly I'm joking. the photo is about an elephant crossing the internationl airpor of Osaka.
It was in octuber '99 during my first tour of the japan. As you can see it's raining and the elephant is trying to play with his guitar a classic french song: "La vie en rose".
I took this picture casually while i was putting my holga into the x-ray machine.
No meaning but chaos!!

At 18/1/06 00:38, Blogger Fredocarlo said...

good story!

At 18/1/06 10:06, Anonymous LBC said...

beh! anche se scattata a caso, l'elefante รจ abbastanza a fuoco.

At 18/1/06 14:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would wait for a new idea instead of publishing this kind of photos...

At 18/1/06 14:46, Anonymous l'anonimo usuale said...

any criticism is here redundant, as long as it's an error, but anyway: I like the color and the out of focus effect, but that big dark column (or whatever it is) in the middle of the photo just ruins the composition... too much "in the middle"


At 18/1/06 15:58, Blogger Tom said...

I would like everyone signes his messages, especially the criticism.
so "Mr. or Mrs. instead" if you don't like my pics, I'm sorry. I'm waiting for the list of your favourite thinghs, and i will try to make you happy.
Probably it's a good criticism but i prefer my way, I don't like see this blog immobile.

Usual anonimus, the big dark column is the noise made by the elephant guitar.
The x-ray put the spectrum of this noise all in the middle!

At 21/1/06 13:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom, io avrei sovraesposto un po di piu!!!

Good job, tios!!!

At 10/2/06 12:01, Anonymous thebure said...

Con piacere vedo che ti stai molto applicando nella sperimentazione!


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