03 March, 2006

Fairy tale

Watching these games of light near the roots of a tree in a mountain wood reminds me of those fairy tales I used to read in my childhood. Seeing this image it doesn't wonder that sometimes people swear of having seen Fairies, Elves and Gnomes coming from the Realm of The Little People.



At 6/3/06 19:07, Anonymous splunge said...

I don't get the "fairy tale" thing that much, but I still think this is a good pic... good job!

At 6/3/06 22:06, Blogger Wobazz said...

thanks... it's only a personal association of ideas, unless you see a fairy in this pic!

At 14/6/06 18:01, Blogger alphabitch said...

I loved to spend time in the woods as a child. No contact with fairies or tomten or anything like that, but this is definitely reminiscent of their habitats as described in those books.

I can recall the scent of cool mossy dirt and rotting leaves when I look at this one. Lovely.


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