22 March, 2006

New molochs

I lived more than one year near an industrial zone. Seeing
every day these big molochs from far away they became to me so
familiar that their shapes at the horizon began to fascinate
I often wondered about what was happening in their huge and
formidable bellies.
I took these shots trying to exorcize that strange and
innatural force pushing me to observe those big monsters and
trying to discover their secrets.



At 22/3/06 18:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ton eclairage lune rousse est joli il rend les vieux molochs roses et ça leur va à ravir !

At 23/3/06 19:02, Blogger splunge said...

I really like the third one...
even though that light probably deserved a better lens!

At 25/3/06 18:17, Blogger vinz said...

grandiose ste foto.
anche io mi sto preparando un set del genere vagabondando tra i post industriali quartieri di mirafiori e lingotto. a torino.
grandi foto, bravo!

At 11/4/06 12:31, Blogger shimmi said...

i really like the last one, that building looks so futuristic.


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