21 April, 2006

midwest landscapes

past agriculture.

past travel.

current tyranny.


At 21/4/06 10:30, Blogger Tom said...

good photos.
It's good to see plasticeye is growing up.

At 21/4/06 13:37, Blogger grant said...

I was rather proud to be the only American on here for a while, but I'm happy to welcome a fellow midwesterner

At 22/4/06 01:35, Blogger Nicholas said...

thanks fellas.
grant, where in the midwest are you?

At 22/4/06 15:26, Blogger grant said...

Champaign, IL . . . home of the University of Illinois. ;)

At 25/4/06 15:27, Blogger vinz said...

i really like the first one.
in the first picture everything is everything.


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