08 April, 2006

Snow #1



At 9/4/06 17:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 9/4/06 20:45, Anonymous splunge said...

now that's a good one!
I really like the red shift on the dark colours...

At 11/4/06 04:41, Blogger Fredocarlo said...

definitly part of your portfolio

At 11/4/06 13:21, Blogger rekko said...

it's not the snow trapped us but the wires.
we r in a big cage

At 16/4/06 16:54, Blogger vinz said...

i really thin this pic is emotional.
colours and the shapes are serving downtempo heart beats to give vibrations back.
now i bought 2 holga (120fn, 120cfn) i hope you will have some vision o'mine here with london frames (squared, at fixed focal lenght of course!) from my next trip.
have a plastic day.

At 2/10/06 01:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'est superbe !

et ça fait peur en même temps !



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