10 May, 2006

Civilization of Luggage

"We are reverting to a civilization of luggage, and historians of the future will note how the middle class accreted possessions without taking root in the earth, and may find in this secret of their imaginative poverty."
Howard's End, E.M. Forster (1910)


At 10/5/06 05:42, Blogger vinz said...

i admit that maybe i need a little more explanations for this.!
vinz (pronounced as vince)


At 10/5/06 11:46, Blogger Tom said...

-bravo grant!
good shot and great quotation.
very well combined.
I like this post.

At 10/5/06 12:01, Blogger vinz said...

i just want to take a little space (a post is a too big space) to say that i feel a little sorry about all discussions we had on last posts... even if we have to save the constructive and positive part of all these words, i'm sure that the main thing to notice is the big amount of photo posted on this month (we're only in may 10th) and let them talk alone.
and as totti said in italian vodafone's commercial: "laffisnau" (nda life is now).

At 10/5/06 13:40, Blogger grant said...

this image is did not translate well to the digital world. When I scanned it I lost some details that make it difficult to decifer what is being depicted. I took several exposures of houses as my wife and I drove by a little suberb. The houses all blend togther and the few trees in the town became ghosts.

At 10/5/06 18:16, Anonymous splunge said...

I agree with tom. Good picture, good quotation, excellent blend: good post.

And I like it more now that I read your explanation...

I agree with vinz, too: plasticeye is really working now...

but tom, where ar your pics?


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