09 May, 2006

Frankenstein Holga

I'm not sure if this truly fits the vision of this blog. This was taken with a Holga that I spliced together with the back of a Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 210 to make my own Polaroid back. You can view the monster that is to blame for this image here.


At 9/5/06 12:12, Blogger Tom said...

Holga tuning is not exactly in the aim of this blog...I don't know what to say.

At 9/5/06 12:35, Blogger Wobazz said...

Even if unexpected I like this shot: I would say that's it reminds me of an UFO or a galaxy...
I think that every shot that gives an emotion or triggers an association of ideas, like this abstract one, is worth to be published.
Anyway we should try to join experimentation with esthetics and communication.
Sorry to be cryptic, but I will return on what I think about the spirit of this photoblog in future.
Go on, Grant, we wait more pics!

At 10/5/06 05:39, Blogger vinz said...

I don't know how to express what i'm gonna say in correct english.
Anyway this picture reminds me when I was 15 or 16 and I used to burn chemical elements to see the electrons level's jump effect through the coloration of the flame, durin the chemistru lab hour...
teacher always say "clean the stick before puttin another element so you can recognize the effect!"... as you image we never listened to this advice and so we had a 2 hour wonderful trip by seeing these wonderful ultra coloured mix... it was a such intense light that I ended even the day after with a overexposed blur on my eye's (i don't know the right term but i'm talking about the eye's equivalent to a camera's film or a electronic videocamera's ccd, well the eye's transducer)!
i don't know what to say about this pic and about holga tuning, but it seemed very emotional at first sight to me: my mind started tripping suddenly.


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