12 February, 2007


Subjective sight from above.



At 13/2/07 00:37, Blogger splunge said...

oh che bellina deh!

i like this one.. of course you may have missed a srl camera... but I like it

At 14/2/07 13:49, Blogger Tom said...

thanks, but I'm not agree with you about the SRL.
Of course Holga has this "defect", it's hard to understand what you are exactly shooting..., but this time, in my opinion, I was lucky.

At 15/2/07 09:29, Anonymous splunge said...

When I first saw your pic I couldn't cope with that black triangle on the right... but on a second thought, you were lucky.

it just often comes to my mind: would it be "right" to crop a holga pic to fit an idea (of course one of my pics)? wouldn't it be better sometime to see what you get?

old question...

At 15/2/07 09:45, Blogger Tom said...

old question...and I can't answer.
Try to have a look to the manifesto... :)


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