19 February, 2006


This is from the first roll of film I ever shot on my Holga. My brother had just returned from India and given my sister the Sari she is wearing. It looks rather surreal to see a blue eyed blonde American girl wearing traditional Indian garb next to a fur tree with some sort of spiritual apparation coming in from the side.


Portrait 1; happy scream.


10 February, 2006


This shot reminds the moment in which you realize that finding a toilet, and you don't mind which one, comes to the top of your present priorities... you need to find it in a few seconds, because the several drinks you took are not going to remain any more in your stomach...
if I got a cent for every time I had this revelation...


07 February, 2006


I can't see very cleary where Plasticeye is going; I admit I'm tired, I need something new, and I have to admit that recently my Holga wasn't used...
I only post this photo because is the first pics I ever take with my Holga; I hope this casual "watercolor" will be for the second time, the beginning of something.