30 March, 2006

Sans titre

I would like to know what this image suggests to you, please leave a comment!

29 March, 2006


Portrait 5; now!


22 March, 2006

New molochs

I lived more than one year near an industrial zone. Seeing
every day these big molochs from far away they became to me so
familiar that their shapes at the horizon began to fascinate
I often wondered about what was happening in their huge and
formidable bellies.
I took these shots trying to exorcize that strange and
innatural force pushing me to observe those big monsters and
trying to discover their secrets.


14 March, 2006


Portrait 4; first plane, second plane.


06 March, 2006


Portrait 3; "ciutat vella".


03 March, 2006

Fairy tale

Watching these games of light near the roots of a tree in a mountain wood reminds me of those fairy tales I used to read in my childhood. Seeing this image it doesn't wonder that sometimes people swear of having seen Fairies, Elves and Gnomes coming from the Realm of The Little People.


01 March, 2006


Portrait 2; no stress.