27 April, 2006

27-04-2005 / 27-04-2006

100 more plastic years.

Thank you to all our contributors and
to all the people that are helping us improve this blog.

Tom & Wobazz

26 April, 2006

Snow #2


21 April, 2006

midwest landscapes

past agriculture.

past travel.

current tyranny.

first off; i'd like to say hello/ciao/bonjour/hola to everyone. i'm glad to join you all here. the following images are from my very first Holga roll, shot in rural Michigan.

08 April, 2006

Snow #1


05 April, 2006

Dar a Luz......

This is from one of my best friends house, from his window.
I went to visit him in Strasbourg. He's a DAD, and this pic is about his new born baby MALIA....
...1 week old!

04 April, 2006


The sence of nature, travelling by train.....